Refurbishing an existing space can save you money and hassle compared to an office relocation.

Transforming your existing office can improve your performance, reduce costs, help you attract and retain talent and enhance your culture.

But the cost efficiencies get frittered away unless the show goes on during the upgrade. Noisy, disruptive or wayward works can frustrate staff, alienate clients and upset the bottom line.

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Lucky For You, We’re The Refurb Ballet Masters.

We provide a fully managed office refurbishment service. You can carry on growing your business while our experienced team transforms your space. We jeté round your occupied office, making sure you have plenty of calm, quiet touchdown space so you can work as normal during the refurbishment. The show must go on as they say.

We Carry Out Any Disruptive Work In The Evenings And Weekends.

Just Don’t Expect Us To Turn Up In Tutus.

Well, one or two of us might if you ask nicely.

“CCWS have been nothing but a joy to work with.”

”The CCWS team are always happy to work on our requests, go through our (many) different iterations of plans, answer our questions and explain all the ins & outs of office refitting.”

Natalie Stockton

Project Manager, IT Lab

“CCWS was really a delight to work with.”

“They worked tirelessly, following a tight project management and budget process that meant we moved into our new offices on time and within budget. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

Helen Aboagye

VP Marketing, Currency Cloud

“CCWS made our experience of totally refurbishing our office comfortable, effortless and rewarding.”

“Their design is practical, totally fits our culture of our organisation, looks terrific and has caused our neighbours and even total strangers to call in to compliment us.”

Sue O'Hara

Chief Executive, BlindAid

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