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Office Design London

Office Refurbishment: We give you plenty of swing space while we churn*

Office Refurbishment London

Office Design London

Refurbishing an existing space can save you money and hassle compared to an office relocation

But the cost efficiencies get frittered away unless the show goes on during the upgrade. Noisy, disruptive or wayward works can frustrate staff, alienate clients and upset the bottom line.

Office Design London

Lucky for you, we’re the refurb ballet masters.

We jeté round your occupied office, making sure you have plenty of calm, quiet touchdown space so you can work as normal during the re-fit.

Office Design London

We carry out any disruptive work in the evening and weekends.

In fact, we’re so respectful, you’ll hardly notice we’re there.

Just don’t expect us to turn up in tutus.

Well, one or two of us might if you ask nicely.

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