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Mix with the style set in these devilishly handsome meeting spaces, and spotlight leisure in your creative office interiors.

Meetings aren’t just about getting results anymore. Young, tech-savvy workers like you want to enjoy your meetings and come away feeling connected and fulfilled in terms of the way you interact. What you’re looking for is ‘bleisure’ – mixing your business time and leisure time to get the most out of meetings.

Some businesses have poured a lot of inspiration into this particular area and the designs they feature are full of stylish twists. Here’s a roundup of the tastiest ‘bleisure’ spaces you ever laid eyes on. Continue reading Who Needs Business When You Can Have Bleisure?
Forget Tough Mudder. Collaboratively designing your office refurbishment is the absolute best in team bonding!

Office furniture, check. Wall colour, check. Flooring, check. Opinions of your co-workers?

Uh-oh. That’s not so easy to get right.

Somebody will always be hankering after a nice, quiet corner office while others (usually the boys) will yearn for a beer-on-tap, levitating desk type environment that’s the latest buzzword on cool. You can’t please all of your precious peeps, all of the time … but you can definitely optimise the dream office design so that everyone’s pretty chuffed with the results.

Here are five questions you should ask to get everyone on board with your dream office design. Continue reading 5 Questions to Ask Your Co-workers When Planning Your Dream Office Design

The way we work is changing at an unparallelled pace. Fuelled by technology, today’s work is no longer constrained by geography or the old 9 to 5. Rather, it is conducted across an increasingly broad range of office interiors and time frames, propelled by four major trends that are shaping how people work today.

Continue reading The Latest Evolution in Office Design is a Kit of Many Parts

Do your employees enjoy their job? Perhaps not as much as you would like. Extensive research on engagement in the workplace, conducted by Gallup, suggests that only 13 percent of employees are engaged at work. This translates to around 900 million “not engaged” and 340 million “actively disengaged” workers in office interiors around the globe.

Continue reading The Ultimate Flexible Office Design: Trust Edition  

The New Rule of Office Refurbishment? Form Follows Flexibility Follows Function

Ever heard the expression “form follows function?” It’s an old design adage which means that office interiors are not designed to show off the designer’s formidable skill. They are designed based on the function they are expected to perform.

Continue reading The New Rule of Office Refurbishment?

It’s official — employers considering an office refurbishment don’t want hot desks anymore. Once seen as an eminently sensible space saving practice (though dubious from a noise pollution/team cohesion point of view) hot desking has gone the way big hair, shoulder pads and the new-fangled brick of a portable phone — consigned to 1980’s nostalgia.

Continue reading The Evolution of Office Design: From Hot Desk to Coworker

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