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Here’s something most office fit out companies won’t tell you … even a fit out with the best team (like us!) working on it can suffer delays.

Landlords and local authorities can be notoriously slow in granting permissions. External events – everything from bad weather and traffic jams to strikes or a supplier going out of business – can cause delivery problems. Whichever way you slice it, delays are an occupational hazard.

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What’s passionate, curious, hard-working and will leave you tickled pink with pleasure? Why, your office design firm, of course. But only if they have the perfect triangle…

One of the joys of being in the commercial office fit out biz is having opportunities to meet interesting, successful people just like you, and becoming intimately involved in your lives.

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It’s easy to create an office fit-out and design when there are just the five of you on beanbags in your meditation yurt. But what if you hire more people? How do you future proof your office design

Growth is tricky when you’re designing an office because you have to constantly re-imagine what your space will look like in a few years time. Do you have enough tech capacity to connect everybody? Is there room for an extra employee or two?

If your company is in a growth state of mind, read on. This article is all about looking forward, thinking smart, and making good office design choices that will grow and flex with your business.

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Moving into a new office – or renovating your current one – is an expensive business.

Not only must you consider the physical costs of fit out, there are also the behind-the-scenes costs of surveys, landlord’s permissions, finance costs and professional fees. And, if you’re relocating, you may have dilapidations to consider.
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It may be small but it packs a mighty punch. Here’s why Clerkenwell is one of our favourite places in the whole of London…

Everyone from media companies to charities to architects to people who make really cool (virtual) stuff is setting up camp in Clerkenwell. It’s easy to see why. Once a smoggy, industrial backwater for the printing and watch-making industries, Clerkenwell was gripped by affluenza in the 1990s. Now, it has everything going for it, from markets and boutique stores to yoga studios and artisan bakeries (and some of the finest office interiors London has to show …).

In honour of its fabulousness, here’s our rundown on why Clerkenwell is the sweetest spot for balancing work and play. Continue reading 6 Reasons Why Clerkenwell is a Really Great Place to Work
Ready to start an office fit out in London? Hold your (ahem) horses. Here are the signs you could be hiring a cowboy…

Letting tradespeople into your home is hair-raising at the best of times. But when you’re about to pull your workplace apart and put it back together again, the stakes get even higher. Reliable, whip-smart office fit out companies are like gold dust, with the power to turn a stressful Cat B fit out into an easy-breezy walk in the park. Dodgy ones might botch your job – and you may not have any comeback if things go wrong. Continue reading 7 Signs Your Office Fit Out Partner Cannot be Trusted

You want to work in a fun environment, right?

Dumb question. Of course you do.

I mean, just because you work in an office, doesn’t mean it has to be an office. If you’re spending over 40 hours a week in one location, it’s super important that you (gasp!) look forward to work.

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Not sure where to start with your office refurbishment? Here’s how to gather, log and bookmark ‘the design before the design.’

Have you suddenly started noticing the doors in Levi’s changing rooms? Caught yourself checking out the mood lighting instead of your significant other when out for a romantic dinner? Spending hours and hours on Pinterest until you can’t see straight and your head is smoking? Continue reading Rock Your Mood Board With These Top Tips!

Mix with the style set in these devilishly handsome meeting spaces, and spotlight leisure in your creative office interiors.

Meetings aren’t just about getting results anymore. Young, tech-savvy workers like you want to enjoy your meetings and come away feeling connected and fulfilled in terms of the way you interact. What you’re looking for is ‘bleisure’ – mixing your business time and leisure time to get the most out of meetings.

Some businesses have poured a lot of inspiration into this particular area and the designs they feature are full of stylish twists. Here’s a roundup of the tastiest ‘bleisure’ spaces you ever laid eyes on. Continue reading Who Needs Business When You Can Have Bleisure?
Forget Tough Mudder. Collaboratively designing your office refurbishment is the absolute best in team bonding!

Office furniture, check. Wall colour, check. Flooring, check. Opinions of your co-workers?

Uh-oh. That’s not so easy to get right.

Somebody will always be hankering after a nice, quiet corner office while others (usually the boys) will yearn for a beer-on-tap, levitating desk type environment that’s the latest buzzword on cool. You can’t please all of your precious peeps, all of the time … but you can definitely optimise the dream office design so that everyone’s pretty chuffed with the results.

Here are five questions you should ask to get everyone on board with your dream office design. Continue reading 5 Questions to Ask Your Co-workers When Planning Your Dream Office Design

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