The way we work is changing at an unparallelled pace. Fuelled by technology, today’s work is no longer constrained by geography or the old 9 to 5. Rather, it is conducted across an increasingly broad range of office interiors and time frames, propelled by four major trends that are shaping how people work today.

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Do your employees enjoy their job? Perhaps not as much as you would like. Extensive research on engagement in the workplace, conducted by Gallup, suggests that only 13 percent of employees are engaged at work. This translates to around 900 million “not engaged” and 340 million “actively disengaged” workers in office interiors around the globe.

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The New Rule of Office Refurbishment? Form Follows Flexibility Follows Function

Ever heard the expression “form follows function?” It’s an old design adage which means that office interiors are not designed to show off the designer’s formidable skill. They are designed based on the function they are expected to perform.

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It’s official — employers considering an office refurbishment don’t want hot desks anymore. Once seen as an eminently sensible space saving practice (though dubious from a noise pollution/team cohesion point of view) hot desking has gone the way big hair, shoulder pads and the new-fangled brick of a portable phone — consigned to 1980’s nostalgia.

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Let’s be clear: you don’t have a culture just because you’re considering an office refurbishment. Office interiors are just another piece of the toolkit that helps you build a culture slowly, so your employees can live and assimilate the company’s values over time. In that respect, a culture will exist and evolve with or without an office refurbishment.

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Last week we asked, what is Office Culture? And how can a company’s inherent values shine through their office design? This week we’re going to dig deeper into the triple-C of culture-based office design: collision, collaboration and creativity.

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Which company is the poster child for future-forward work culture? For many commentators the answer is Google. The tech giant is renowned for its unique policies, which range from free gourmet food to the time they provided a subsidy of $5000 for purchasing a hybrid car in order to inspire their employees to use cleaner and greener technologies.

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Almost 60% of your workforce is looking for another job—and most of them aren’t leaving in search of better pay and benefits. That’s the conclusion reached by Investors in People, who cite job satisfaction as the number one driver behind the desire to change roles. So what does satisfy workers? Overwhelmingly, it’s flexibility as a way of doing business.

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In May 2013, the Harvard Business Review posed an intriguing question: if you wanted to design the best company on earth to work for, what would it be like? The firm of dreams, it turns out, is an organisation where individuals are allowed to be themselves; where personal strengths are magnified; where the company stands for something worthwhile; and where no one is hindered by stupid rules.

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