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There’s more to interior office design than desks and meeting rooms. Let’s talk throne rooms, baby.

One of the biggest design investments in your home is your bathroom. If yours is less-than-awesome, you’d get on the phone to a bathroom company for a chat about getting a kick-ass remodel.

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At the risk of giving the game away too early, it’s us!

Normally we’d be a bit more cool and sophisticated with this type of news, but sometimes you win a deal that makes you as excited and proud as a brand new daddy. And we’ve just landed a gig to refurbish Hakkasan Group’s new London office. Huzzah!

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Equality is the new black. And you only need a few simple things for everyone to feel the love from your London office fit out.

If we told you that a graphic designer and an engineer needed the exact same skills to do their job, you’d look at us like we were cray-cray, right? Yet you stick these people in the same office environment and expect them both to thrive.

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